Monday, June 2, 2014

An Oil Change in DC Ensures That a Car Engine Functions Properly

Car owners often neglect to keep a schedule for an oil change. This is a big mistake, and a big part of maintaining your car is to ensure that your engine must have the proper level of quality oil to lubricate certain parts of the car efficiently.

A regular oil change in DC contributes to improving the lifespan of your car engine.
You can go for an oil change at any of the excellent DC car repair service centers in the area, such as Georgetown Exxon. It is inexpensive and fast, but you have to know what you’re buying to get the highest benefit out of it.

Know the right kind of oil for your engine. Your owner’s manual should have the information you’ll need, such as the viscosity level of oil that the engine needs. The information may be stamped on the oil reservoir cap. Additionally, you need to make sure the oil you choose has the mark of approval by the American Petroleum Institute, shown on the container.