Thursday, January 30, 2014

Through the Cold: How to Maintain Your DC Tires During Wintertime

When wintertime blows around, all you want to do is lay flat on your bed the whole day. Be careful, though: it’s not only you who feels flat during the cold as the low temperatures may cause your tires to deflate, too. According to an article on

    “Since Sunday, more than 4,300 drivers have called AAA Mid-Atlantic’s emergency roadside assistance switchboard with reports of flat tires.

    The region’s cold snap has not only resulted in plummeting temperatures but plunging tire pressures.

    This past Monday, when temperatures dropped below freezing and the region saw several inches of snow, 359 motorists in Maryland called AAA Mid-Atlantic with flat tires, 199 called in Virginia and 68 in the District.”

Tire pressure, the article explains, is affected by temperature; likewise, the winter cold often causes DC tires to under-inflate as the gas within them contracts.

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